About Us


Our story…

It was one sunny afternoon back in 2013 that we embarked on new beginnings and bought our very own deli in Dorset. Looking back now maybe it was completely crazy buying a deli and having a 3 month old baby! We, on the other hand, were excited and ready to take on a new adventure.

For many years, we had both gained huge amounts of experience and expertise in the food industry, and with our love and passion for honest wholesome food we felt that it was an opportunity to not be missed!

The Start of Olive’s Kitchen

Our thriving deli went from strength to strength, and we were often asked by our customers to make meals for them that they could then take home.  We would often make a little extra to take home for ourselves and put it in our freezer to have a quick and easy supper! 

The word got out about our much-loved dishes, and the demand grew greater, so much so that we were now putting aside frozen portions for our customers. We were soon selling more frozen portions than freshly cooked. Our customers loved the convenience while knowing that the frozen meal was exactly the same as the fresh equivalent.

We soon realized that there was a genuine demand for convenient home-cooked frozen food, so we scaled up production and developed some eye catching packaging. Olive’s Kitchen was born.

New beginnings

In 2016 we closed the deli to concentrate fully on Olive’s Kitchen. We converted our barn at home to become Olive’s Kitchen HQ, and it’s here that all of our delicious home cooked food is made. 

We use all the traditional family methods and techniques ensuring that we stay true to our principles of cooking proper food how it ought to be. 

It is really important for us to source the best local ingredients as possible and cook everything slowly with the care and attention that good honest food deserves!

We believe in good food!



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